Best Sausage in Milwaukee

Discovering Milwaukee’s Best Sausage: A Culinary Journey Through Brew City

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, affectionately known as Brew City, is not only famous for its beer but also for its rich sausage heritage. With a history steeped in German, Polish, and Italian influences, this Midwestern city boasts some of the finest sausages in the United States. In this article, we’ll take a culinary tour of Milwaukee’s best sausage offerings, from traditional bratwursts to contemporary artisanal creations.

A Sausage Legacy

Milwaukee’s sausage legacy is built on the shoulders of European immigrants who brought their sausage-making traditions to the city. Over the years, these recipes have been passed down and perfected, resulting in a sausage culture that’s as diverse as it is delicious.

The Vanguard: A Modern Sausage Eatery

Located in the heart of Bay View, The Vanguard is a modern take on the traditional sausage joint. They offer an impressive array of house-made sausages ranging from classic bratwurst to more inventive options like the duck BLT sausage. The Vanguard is a must-visit for anyone looking to experience how Milwaukee’s sausage scene is evolving.

Usinger’s Famous Sausage: A Milwaukee Institution

No list of Milwaukee’s best sausages would be complete without mentioning Usinger’s Famous Sausage. This iconic sausage shop has been a fixture in Milwaukee for over a century, offering more than 70 varieties of German-style sausages. Their store on Old World Third Street is a pilgrimage site for sausage aficionados.

Milwaukee Brat House: A Bratwurst Haven

For a taste of authentic Milwaukee bratwurst, head to the Milwaukee Brat House. Their brats are perfectly grilled and can be enjoyed in a lively atmosphere with a side of good old Wisconsin hospitality. It’s the ideal spot for a classic bratwurst experience.

Glorioso’s Italian Market: A Slice of Italy

Glorioso’s Italian Market offers a taste of Italy in the heart of Milwaukee. This family-run establishment has been serving the community since 1946, and their Italian sausages are a testament to their commitment to tradition and flavor. Whether you prefer sweet or spicy, Glorioso’s sausages are perfect for grilling or adding to your favorite Italian dishes.

Bunzel’s Meat Market: A Cut Above

Bunzel’s Meat Market is a one-stop shop for all your meaty needs, with a reputation for some of the best sausages in Milwaukee. They offer a wide variety of sausages made from old-world recipes, including bratwurst, Polish, and Hungarian styles. Bunzel’s is also known for their custom meat packages, making it easy to stock up for any occasion.

Best Sausage in Milwaukee: The List

  1. The Vanguard – Innovative and house-made sausages with a contemporary twist.
  2. Usinger’s Famous Sausage – Over 70 varieties of traditional German sausages from a historic Milwaukee brand.
  3. Milwaukee Brat House – Classic bratwurst served in a convivial setting, perfect for sausage purists.
  4. Glorioso’s Italian Market – Authentic Italian sausages that bring a piece of Italy to the Midwest.
  5. Bunzel’s Meat Market – A wide selection of old-world sausages and custom meat packages for any event.

Final Notes

Milwaukee’s sausage scene is a vibrant mix of old-world charm and new-world innovation. From the classic bratwurst at Milwaukee Brat House to the unique creations at The Vanguard, there’s a sausage to satisfy every palate. Usinger’s continues to be a beacon of Milwaukee’s sausage heritage, while Glorioso’s and Bunzel’s keep the traditions alive with their high-quality offerings. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, indulging in Milwaukee’s best sausages is an experience that’s not to be missed. So grab a beer, fire up the grill, and get ready to enjoy some of the finest sausages Brew City has to offer.

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