Best Toaster Grill Oven for Burgers

Best Toaster Grill Oven for Burgers: Top Picks for Your Kitchen

Toaster grill ovens are versatile kitchen appliances that offer the convenience of toasting, grilling, and baking without the need for multiple gadgets. These units are perfect for compact kitchens or individuals who enjoy grilled food’s flavor and texture but can’t always cook outdoors.

When it comes to grilling burgers, a toaster grill oven can be especially handy, as it can mimic the searing heat of an outdoor grill while also giving you the ability to toast your buns to perfection.

Burgers are a beloved dish worldwide, and cooking them to that perfect juicy interior with a flavorful crust can be achieved with the right toaster grill oven. Not all toaster ovens are created equal, though.

The best models for grilling burgers tend to feature higher wattage for more powerful heating, adjustable temperature controls, and durable grill plates that can withstand the grease and high heat of burger cooking.

When in the market for the best toaster grill oven for burgers, it’s crucial to consider factors such as consistent heat distribution, easy-to-clean surfaces, and a sizeable interior that can accommodate multiple burgers at once.

Additional features to look out for might include a timer with auto-shutoff, a ready bell, or even smart technology integrations for precise cooking.

These criteria ensure that you get delicious results and a convenient and safe cooking experience.

Top Toaster Grill Ovens for Burgers

We’ve scoured the market to compile a list of toaster grill ovens that excel at cooking burgers. From versatile temperature controls to easy-to-clean surfaces, our selection intends to address every need for burger enthusiasts seeking that perfect sear at home.

Whether you’re cooking for one or feeding a crowd, our top picks are designed to deliver juicy and flavorful burgers with convenience and reliability.

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Cuisinart Grill & Fry Toaster

We believe this multifunctional kitchen appliance is an excellent buy for anyone looking to combine the functionality of air frying and grilling with the convenience of a toaster oven.


  • Versatile cooking options including air frying and a dual-sided grill
  • Spacious interior ideal for family meals
  • Intuitive and easy-to-clean design


  • Some users report a persistent plastic smell
  • The door’s spring mechanism may be prone to wear and tear
  • Challenging to maintain a pristine interior due to staining

Just finished preparing some juicy burgers in this Cuisinart Grill & Fry Toaster and I must say, the grilling feature is impressive.

The dual-sided grill plate meant we could sear steaks on one side while making pancakes on the other – a real time-saver for brunch.

Aside from grilling, we used the air fry setting for crispy fries without the extra oil. The fries came out evenly cooked, and not having to turn on our full-sized oven made the kitchen stay cool.

Now, cleaning is a breeze with the nonstick interior. We just wiped it down post-cooking; no elbow grease required. However, we did notice over time that some stains stick around, which is a downside if you’re particular about cleanliness.

The well-constructed analog controls contributed to a seamless cooking experience. Adjusting the temperature was straightforward, and the built-in timer ensured we never overcooked our meals.

Although, figuring out the preheat status was a bit of a guesswork. A separate preheat indicator would be useful.

Our kitchen space appreciated the compact form of this appliance, easily fitting under the counter. It has replaced our toaster and air fryer, decluttering the kitchen.

Even after multiple uses, the oven’s exterior remains cool to touch, which is a nice safety feature.

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Nuwave Primo Grill Oven

We recommend the Nuwave Primo Grill Oven for its versatility and user-friendly features, enhancing the indoor grilling experience.


  • Effortlessly adjustable settings while cooking
  • Precise temperature control for grilling
  • Top-mounted powerful convection fan aids in even cooking


  • Dome slippage can be an issue
  • The size may be too large for smaller kitchens
  • Touch pad sensitivity requires careful handling

Cooking burgers on this grill oven just elevated our homemade meal to the level of gourmet burgers from a high-end restaurant.

The exceptional temperature control allowed for the burgers to be perfectly seared on the outside while remaining juicy inside. Adjusting the settings on-the-fly proved to be a cinch.

The convection fan is a standout feature. It propels hot air all around the food, ensuring everything cooks evenly.

It was impressive how quickly it cooked the burgers without drying them out, making them taste just like they were fresh off an outdoor grill.

We noticed that if not placed correctly, the dome can slip off during use which can be frustrating. However, this seems a minor inconvenience considering the quality of cooking we experienced.

Also, the substantial size might not suit those with limited counter space. And while the touch controls are a touch of modernity, we found that they could be overly sensitive and may require some getting used to.

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Emeril’s Power Grill 360

We recommend the Emeril Power Grill 360 for its versatility and convenience in cooking a range of dishes, including delicious burgers.


  • The indoor grill offers notable char-grilled flavor while maintaining a virtually smokeless operation.
  • Large capacity enables the cooking of main dishes and sides simultaneously, enhancing meal preparation efficiency.
  • The array of cooking presets simplifies operation, offering a variety of cooking methods at the touch of a button.


  • Cleaning some detachable parts can be challenging, despite the stainless steel body being easy to maintain.
  • Preheat times can be extensive, particularly for the grill and air fry functions.
  • Customers have reported occasional durability concerns with some units malfunctioning within months.

After grilling burgers on the Emeril Power Grill 360, we were pleasantly surprised by the authentic barbecue flavor achieved indoors.

The grill heats evenly, creating juicy burgers with the coveted char-grilled marks. Its air fry function delivered crispy fries on the side without the excess oil, making it a healthier choice for our favorite meals.

Equipped with an extra-large 20-quart space, the grill 360 made it easy for us to cook multiple items at once, saving us valuable time in the kitchen.

We baked a pizza to perfection and toasted bread with a satisfying crunch. The varied presets catered to our cooking needs, from baking to dehydrating, with seamless selection through the LED display.

Despite the many positives, we noticed the preheat time took a bit longer than we preferred.

While this required some planning ahead, the outcome was consistently worth the wait.

We also found some accessories, like the crisper basket, a hassle to clean, but this didn’t overshadow the convenience and results we enjoyed.

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Cuisinart AirFryer Grill Delight

We believe this Cuisinart AirFryer with Grill is a versatile choice for food enthusiasts seeking a multi-functional kitchen appliance that excels in making burgers and much more.


  • Expansive cooking functions accommodate a variety of dishes.
  • Sufficient interior space to satisfy family-sized cooking needs.
  • Intuitive controls and easy cleanup streamline the cooking experience.


  • May have a larger footprint than expected for some kitchen countertops.
  • Could be on the pricier side compared to simpler models.
  • The high-power output may not be necessary for all cooking styles.

Grilling burgers in the Cuisinart AirFryer Grill Delight felt effortless, right from the first sizzle.

The dual-sided grill and griddle plate is a fantastic feature, allowing us to achieve that perfect char on the patties while toasting buns on the side.

The burgers cooked evenly, thanks to the consistent heat distribution—a testament to the machine’s well-designed cooking functions.

We’ve also air-fried chicken to a crispy golden finish and baked pizzas with a delightful crunch.

Its extensive cooking range accommodates not just burgers but an array of dishes, making it our go-to appliance for everyday meals and entertaining guests. The convenience of having one appliance that handles multiple cooking methods cannot be overstated.

After our cooking sessions, cleanup was a breeze. The nonstick interior lived up to its promise, allowing us to wipe away grease and food remnants without hassle.

And while its size is substantial, it’s a fair trade-off for the cooking versatility it offers.

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Cuisinart AirFryer Grill

If you’re seeking a versatile kitchen workhorse, this grill will not disappoint due to its all-in-one cooking capabilities.


  • Grills and air fries with ease
  • Spacious for multiple food items
  • Simplifies cleanup with nonstick interior


  • May take up considerable counter space
  • Initial learning curve for optimal use
  • Requires close monitoring to prevent over-cooking

Our recent experience with the Cuisinart AirFryer Grill revealed its capability of transforming how we prepare our food. Burgers came out grilled to perfection; the sizzle on the dual-sided plate was music to our ears and a telltale sign that it was working its magic. The nonstick surface ensured that flipping burgers was hassle-free and cleaning afterward was even more so.

In the morning, we swapped burgers for breakfast items and were not disappointed. The griddle side cooked eggs and bacon uniformly, our toast had that golden crunch, and the air fry feature produced crispy hash browns that completed our hearty breakfast.

A single appliance handled all our needs, leaving the rest of the kitchen untouched—a true convenience.

Using the Cuisinart AirFryer Grill often feels like a culinary adventure, exploring various functions to achieve that delicious home-cooked meal. It’s a powerful reminder that the right tool can elevate the simplest ingredients to a delightful spread. It’s become a countertop staple for us, turning average dinners into something special with minimal effort.

Buying Guide

When choosing the best toaster grill oven for burgers, we consider several key features that ensure efficient cooking and satisfying results.

Size and Capacity

It’s important to assess the right size and capacity of the toaster grill oven for our needs.

We suggest measuring the available kitchen space and considering the number of burgers we regularly cook.

FeatureWhat to Look For
Oven SizeCompact enough to fit our kitchen space.
Cooking AreaSufficient to cook multiple burgers at once.

Temperature Control

Accurate temperature control is vital for perfectly grilled burgers.

We recommend looking for models with a wide temperature range and precise settings.

FeatureWhat to Look For
Temperature RangeWide range for versatility.
Thermostat AccuracyEnsures burgers are cooked to our exact preference.

Build Quality and Maintenance

The build quality directly affects the longevity and ease of maintenance.

We prefer durable materials and designs that are easy to clean.

FeatureWhat to Look For
MaterialHigh-quality, heat-resistant construction.
MaintenanceNon-stick surfaces and removable parts.

Features and Functionality

Additional features enhance the cooking experience.

We look for convenient functions like timers, automatic shut-off, and adjustable racks.

FeatureWhat to Look For
Cooking ModesMultiple modes for different cooking requirements.
ConvenienceUser-friendly controls and easy operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

When looking for the best toaster grill oven for cooking burgers, it’s essential to consider features that ensure even cooking and accommodate your space and usage needs. We address some of the most common inquiries about these appliances below.

What features should I look for in a toaster grill oven when cooking burgers?

Opt for a toaster grill oven with adjustable temperature controls, a broiler setting, and durable grill racks.

A non-stick interior and removable drip tray can also simplify cleanup.

Which toaster grill ovens are highly rated by Consumer Reports for burger grilling?

The Hamilton Beach Easy Reach Toaster Oven and the Breville Smart Oven Pro often receive high marks for their consistent heat distribution and user-friendly controls, which are perfect for grilling burgers.

How do I compare Breville and Cuisinart toaster grill ovens for making burgers?

When comparing Breville and Cuisinart, consider elements such as preheat times, temperature accuracy, and rack positions.

Breville generally offers more high-end features, while Cuisinart provides solid performance at a moderate price point.

Can you recommend a small toaster grill oven that is efficient for grilling burgers?

The Panasonic FlashXpress is compact yet powerful, with double infrared heating that quickly cooks burgers without the need for preheating.

Are there toaster grill ovens with an air fryer feature suitable for burgers?

Yes, the Cuisinart TOA-60 Air Fryer Toaster Oven is an excellent multipurpose option which includes an air fryer feature, allowing you to grill and fry burgers using less oil.

What advantages do countertop convection toaster grill ovens offer when preparing burgers?

Countertop convection toaster grill ovens, like the KitchenAid Digital Countertop Oven with Air Fry, use a fan to circulate air for faster, more even cooking. This results in juicier burgers with a desirable crust.

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