Best Grill Press for Fish: Top Picks for Perfectly Cooked Seafood

Grilling is a culinary art that brings out rich flavors and irresistible textures in a wide variety of foods. Fish is no exception. Cooking fish on the grill can be a delicate process. This is because the meat is often more tender and prone to flaking or sticking to the grill grates than other proteins.

A grill press can be a valuable tool in your arsenal to achieve a perfectly grilled fish, complete with desirable grill marks and an even cook. This accessory helps to ensure that fish cooks evenly and stays intact, by applying a slight weight that keeps the fillet in full contact with the heat source.

The material is paramount when looking for the best grill press for fish. Cast iron is a popular choice due to its excellent heat retention and distribution properties. A well-seasoned cast iron press not only helps in non-stick cooking, but is also durable and can withstand high grilling temperatures.

However, non-stick coated or stainless-steel presses are also available for those who prefer a lighter tool. These materials can be easier to handle and clean but may not provide the same level of heat conduction as cast iron.

Another critical factor to consider is the size and weight of the press. It should be large enough to cover the fish fillet but not so heavy that it presses out the natural juices, resulting in dry, overcooked meat. Additionally, a handle that remains cool to the touch is a safety feature that allows for the adjustment of the press without the risk of burns.

Top Grill Presses for Perfectly Cooked Fish

When grilling fish, a quality grill press can make all the difference. It ensures even cooking, prevents curling, and imbues your seafood with those desirable grill marks. Our roundup features the best grill presses that cater to fish enthusiasts seeking that perfectly cooked fillet. With one of these tools in your grilling arsenal, you’ll enjoy flaky and flavorful fish that’s cooked just right every time.

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Cuisinel Round Grill Press

We believe this grill press is a solid choice for anyone who wants evenly cooked fish with that desirable seared texture.


  • Creates uniform sear marks
  • Comfortable and safe handle design
  • Easy to clean surface


  • Heavy, may be difficult for some users to handle
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Requires preheating to achieve best results

Our recent fish grilling adventure was up a notch thanks to the Cuisinel Round Grill Press. We noticed right off the bat that our fish fillets had an even cook with stunning sear marks, a testament to the press’s ability to distribute heat uniformly.

The spiral handle wasn’t just a joy to look at; it kept our hands from the heat, making maneuvering on the grill effortless.

We’ve all been through the hassle of heavy cleanup post-barbecue, yet this press is refreshingly straightforward to clean. This simplicity comes from its flat bottom design; no nooks and crannies for food bits to hide in. Just a quick hand wash and it’s ready for another round.

It’s hefty, but in a helpful way, pressing down on the fish without the need for our constant intervention. However, we do recognize that its weight might be cumbersome for some—definitely something to consider if long grilling sessions are your norm. And while we appreciate the pre-seasoned surface, which means no rust worries and easy food release, remember that to keep this condition, you need to preheat it properly and maintain it with a bit of oil after each wash.

Stackable Grill Press

anyone looking to elevate their grilling game would find the Stackable Grill Press an indispensable tool in their culinary arsenal because of its versatility and ease of maintenance.


  • Adjustability allows for perfect weighting on various foods
  • Resists corrosion, with no seasoning required
  • A breeze to clean thanks to electropolished surface


  • Stackable feature may seem unnecessary for some users
  • Total weight may be excessive for more delicate foods
  • Premium materials come at a higher price point

As avid grillers, we’ve had our fair share of experiences with grill presses and the Stackable Grill Press is a true game-changer. The adjustability took our fish from good to great, applying just the right amount of pressure to ensure evenly cooked, perfectly seared flesh without squashing it.

The maintenance-free stainless steel that this press boasts is a gem. Goodbye to the tedious ‘seasoning’ rituals of cast iron; this one goes straight from the grill to the dishwasher. We also found that the electropolished surface really did shed food particles easily – cleanup was a snap.

We do appreciate the thoughtfulness behind the design. Being able to stack the weights means we can handle everything from bacon strips to a beefy steak. However, we noticed that not every dish requires that much weight, so we recommend starting with one and adding more as needed.

Mr. Bar-B-Q Grill Press

Our team believes this grill press should be on your shopping list for its durability and performance in delivering evenly cooked fish.


  • Pre-seasoned cast iron saves preparation time
  • Ergonomic rosewood handle remains cool for safe handling
  • Promotes even cooking for all types of food


  • Not dishwasher safe, requiring manual cleaning
  • Weight might be heavy for some users
  • Bottom ridges not ideal for smash burgers

The Mr. Bar-B-Q Grill Press impresses us with its solid cast iron build. We’ve found that it retains heat splendidly, contributing to a more consistent cook on our grilled fish fillets. Its pre-seasoned surface meant we were able to use it right away, without the hassle of seasoning it ourselves.

The ergonomic rosewood handle is a thoughtful touch; it stays cool and provides a comfortable grip, which we found convenient during lengthy grilling sessions.

Having used it on various occasions, we appreciate how it keeps food in firm contact with the grill, which is essential for those delightful grill marks on a fish steak. Although we mainly use it for fish, this press is versatile enough for burgers and other meats, pressing them to perfection with ease.

We noticed the press must be hand-washed, which is a slight inconvenience compared to dishwasher-safe alternatives. Also, the press’s weight, while ideal for pressing food, could be challenging for some to maneuver with one hand. Lastly, the ridged bottom design, while aesthetically pleasing on certain foods, might not be as effective for those who love making smash burgers, as it doesn’t provide a flat surface.

The Beef Master

If you’re passionate about grilling, particularly seafood, our experience with The Beef Master suggests it’s an excellent investment for those serious about even cooking and perfect sear marks.


  • Ensures even heat distribution and cooking
  • Can handle multiple pieces at once due to its size
  • Durable, heavy-duty cast iron construction


  • Might be too large for some griddles
  • Heavy, could be difficult to handle for some
  • Pre-seasoning may require maintenance for longevity

Cooking fish on the grill has always been a bit tricky due to its delicate nature, but using The Beef Master has given us beautifully grilled fish every time. The weight of the press allows for a consistent cook throughout, without any part being over or underdone. The size is quite generous, and we’ve been able to press multiple fillets simultaneously which is a huge time-saver.

The solid cast iron construction not only imparts a professional grade weight, giving you those coveted grill marks, but also promises endurance. After multiple uses, our press still looks as good as new, though taking care to maintain the pre-seasoning layer is key to avoid rusting.

Handling this beast might require a bit of muscle, but it’s a small trade-off for the fantastic results. And while it’s a bit on the larger side for more compact griddles, it’s been nothing short of a dream on our spacious grill top, especially for other heavy-duty tasks like pressing bacon or searing hefty burgers.

2lb Stainless Steel Grill Press

this grill press is a worthwhile investment for any cooking enthusiast looking to up their grilling game with perfectly cooked fish.


  • Evenly distributes weight for thorough cooking
  • Non-stick surface that’s easy to clean
  • Doesn’t show rust and seems durable after multiple uses


  • Cleaning by hand is necessary to avoid rusting
  • Might be heavy for some users to handle with ease
  • Handle may feel less premium compared to the rest of the press

Grilling has always been an art, and with this stainless steel press, we’ve got the tool to master it. Its weight is just right for getting that gorgeous sear on fish fillets, leaving them with a deliciously crisp exterior while keeping the inside tender and juicy.

It’s a helpful aid when we’re aiming for those professional-looking grill marks that impress our guests.

The smooth, flat surface is not only good for pressing down food but also a breeze to clean. After grilling, we just give it a quick rinse and wipe—no hassle at all.

Plus, we appreciate that it seems resistant to rust, a common concern with less-sturdy presses, especially after repeated washes.

Our cookouts have become more efficient thanks to this press. It heats up nicely on the grill, and that heat resistance of the handle is no joke—it stays cool, meaning we can press down on our food without worrying about burns.

We did find, however, that it requires hand washing to maintain its pristine condition, but that’s a small price to pay for its performance and durability.

Buying Guide

When selecting the best grill press for fish, it’s important to consider several key features to ensure you get the most out of your cooking experience. Here is a concise guide to assist you in making an informed decision.


MaterialHeat RetentionDurabilityWeight
Cast IronExcellentHighHeavy
Stainless SteelGoodHighVaries

Cast iron presses provide superior heat retention but are heavier. Aluminum presses are lightweight and heat up quickly, while Stainless Steel offers a balance between the two, with varying weights.

Size and Shape

We should consider the size and shape of the grill press to ensure it fits our grill and can accommodate the size of the fish we plan to cook.

  • Rectangular – Better for larger fish or multiple small filets.
  • Round – Ideal for individual servings or smaller grills.


The handle is a critical component for safety and usability. Look for handles that are:

  • Heat-resistant to prevent burns.
  • Ergonomic for a comfortable grip.
  • Securely attached to the press to ensure safety.

Surface Design

The surface should be:

  • Flat, which is preferable for cooking fish to provide even pressure and heat.
  • Ridged if we want grill marks, but it may not be necessary for fish.


The optimal weight ensures enough pressure to cook the fish evenly without it being too heavy to handle comfortably.

  • Aim for a balanced weight that can be managed easily, yet is substantial enough to apply the necessary pressure.

Frequently Asked Questions

When selecting the ideal grill press for cooking fish, several key attributes are crucial. We will explore these attributes, benefits, sizing, compatibility with other foods, maintenance, and recommendations in the following sections.

What characteristics should I look for in a grill press for cooking fish?

For effective fish cooking, we look for a grill press with a flat and heavy surface for even heat distribution. A non-stick coating or seasoned cast iron material prevents the fish from sticking and makes cleanup easier.

How do grill presses enhance the cooking of fish?

Grill presses provide an even, consistent pressure that ensures fish cooks uniformly. By pressing the fish onto the grill, we get those coveted grill marks and a reduction in cooking times due to the press’s heat retention properties.

What size of grill press is ideal for whole fish or fish fillets?

The ideal grill press size depends on the size of the fish or fillets we usually prepare. A press that covers the entire fish or multiple fillets is best, typically ranging from 7 to 14 inches in length.

Can the same grill press be effectively used for both fish and steaks?

Yes, the same grill press can be used for both fish and steaks. We ensure that it’s properly cleaned between uses to prevent flavor transfer and achieve optimal results for different types of food.

How do I properly maintain a cast iron grill press used for fish?

Proper maintenance of a cast iron grill press includes cleaning it after each use, drying it thoroughly to prevent rust, and occasionally seasoning it with oil to maintain its non-stick properties.

Are there any specific brands that are recommended for grill presses suitable for fish?

We recommend grill presses from reputable brands. These include Lodge, Cuisinart, and Weber. These brands have a proven track record of high-quality and durable kitchen utensils suitable for grilling fish.

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