Best Sausage in Ottawa: Where to Find Premium Cuts and Flavors

In Ottawa, the quest for the perfect sausage takes one through a savory journey of tradition, quality, and taste. The city’s diverse culinary scene boasts an array of sausage options that cater to various preferences. These include traditional European flavors and locally sourced, artisanal creations.

From fine European smoked sausages with a distinctive, savory flavor to hormone and antibiotic-free options, Ottawa’s butchers and delis take pride in their offerings. Each establishment specializes in certain types, ensuring that there is something for every palate.

Whether one is looking for a quick tasty sandwich or ingredients for a family gathering, Ottawa has it all.

The passion for high-quality meats is evident across the city’s favorite butchers, delis, and restaurants, where craftsmanship and a commitment to flavor are paramount. These local spots not only provide a wide selection of sausages but also an exceptional dining experience, with dishes that highlight the versatility of this beloved meat product.

Moreover, many of these establishments offer convenient purchasing and delivery options, allowing residents and visitors alike to enjoy the best sausages in Ottawa without hassle.

Key Takeaways

  • Ottawa offers a diverse selection of sausages, including traditional and artisanal varieties.
  • Local butchers and delis are committed to providing quality meats with exceptional flavors.
  • Convenience in purchasing and enjoying sausages is well-supported through various services.

Overview of Sausage Types in Ottawa

Ottawa’s sausage scene is as diverse as it is delicious, with a variety of flavors spanning from the rich and savory Italian sausages to the finely seasoned Bratwurst, and an array of deli meats that include classics like salami and ham.

Italian Sausages

Italian sausages in Ottawa are known for their robust flavor, incorporating an array of spices such as fennel and garlic. They come in two popular varieties, Hot Italian and sweet Italian, offering a range of heat levels to please any palate. These sausages are typically made according to traditional recipes and are a staple at barbeques and in pasta dishes.


Bratwurst in this city is crafted to perfection using time-honored methods. One can find these German-style sausages filled with finely ground pork, veal, or beef. They are often enjoyed grilled with a crisp exterior and a juicy interior, infused with mild yet distinctive spices, allowing the meat’s flavor to shine through.

Deli Meats

The deli meats section in Ottawa is a treasure trove of flavor, featuring both local and European styles. Shoppers encounter an array of cured and smoked delicacies, from sophisticated salami to rich and flavorful ham. These products reflect a mastery of the art of charcuterie, with Adams Sausages & Meat Products being a noteworthy purveyor that has been serving the community for over 25 years, offering a real smokehouse taste for their meats.

Top Sausage Butchers and Delis

For residents and visitors in Ottawa looking for quality sausage selection, two outstanding destinations are Adams Sausages and various local deli shops. These venues are known for their extensive variety of deli meats and authentic butcher shop experiences.

Adams Sausages

Adams Sausages boasts over 25 years of experience in serving the Ottawa Carleton area with a diverse array of deli meats. Their reputation has been built on providing customers with a selection of over 100 varieties of meats, including the popular bierwurst and European cold cuts.

  • Location: Ottawa Carleton area
  • Specialties: Ham, salami, bierwurst

Local Deli Shops

Local deli shops in Ottawa offer a treasure trove of deli meats, with each shop having its own unique selection. These shops prioritize offering fresh, high-quality meats to their clientele. From classic bratwurst to Polish sausage, the variety caters to all tastes and preferences.

  • Shopping Experience: Personalized service, fresh products
  • Noteworthy Products: Bratwurst, European groceries

Each location has its own personality and specialties, contributing to Ottawa’s reputation for having a rich and diverse food scene. When shopping for sausage, customers can expect not only quality and flavor but also a slice of local charm from these butchers and delis.

Sausage Restaurants and Dining Experience

Ottawa boasts a vibrant scene of restaurants offering an array of sausages, with positive patrons’ reviews emphasizing quality and taste. Visitors seeking a satisfying sausage dining experience can explore these well-reviewed establishments and indulge in a variety of meaty offerings.

Restaurant Highlights

  • La Bottega Nicastro: Guests rave about the fennel sausage pasta, encapsulating authentic Italian flavors.
  • Adams Sausages: Recognized for deli meats and European groceries, the bratwurst stands out as a must-try.
  • Continental Delicatessen: An array of European meats including Italian and German sausages is confirmed by Yelp reviewers as exceptional.

Dining Hours

  • La Bottega Nicastro: Known for its Italian cuisine, it is open until 6 PM and often frequented for lunchtime delights.
  • Adams Sausages & Continental Delicatessen: Reviewers suggest checking online as hours may vary, with weekends typically busier.

Bold flavors, diverse choices, and accommodating hours make these restaurants stand out in Ottawa’s culinary landscape. Whether for a hearty lunch or early dinner, these eateries cater to sausage enthusiasts with gusto.

Sausage Purchasing and Delivery Options

In Ottawa, Ontario, consumers have several options for purchasing and receiving sausages. The flexibility of both in-store shopping and online ordering caters to diverse buyer preferences.

In-store Purchasing: Local butcheries and delicatessens provide shoppers with the opportunity to personally select their preferred sausages. Establishments such as Adams Sausages & Meat Products have been serving the Ottawa area for over 25 years, offering a variety of sausages made on-site.

  • Location: Customers can visit the store in Ottawa for a more personal experience.
  • Product Selection: Physical shopping allows buyers to see and choose from the available sausage range.

Online Ordering: Businesses like Ottawa Valley Meats offer a convenient online platform where customers can browse and purchase a variety of sausages. Options include Mild Italian and Honey Garlic, which are vacuum packed and flash frozen for quality assurance.

  • Delivery: For residents within Ottawa, options like Seed To Sausage restrict delivery services to city limits.
  • Convenience: Online shopping means consumers can order from the comfort of their homes.

Customer Service: Both physical and online stores prioritize customer satisfaction, providing detailed product information and support for shoppers.

  • Access: With options to either visit stores or order online, sausages are accessible to a wider audience in Ottawa.
  • Assistance: Staff are available to help with selections both in-store and through online customer service channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

In keeping with the quest for quality sausages within the Ottawa region, this section addresses the most common inquiries from connoisseurs and newcomers alike seeking the finest in sausage offerings.

Where can I find the highest-rated sausages in Ottawa?

For the highest-rated sausages, locals and food critics often point to establishments such as Seed to Sausage. This artisan shop is known for its dedication to quality and flavor.

What are the top sausage shops in downtown Ottawa?

Downtown Ottawa boasts several top-notch sausage shops. Seed to Sausage General Store has a reputation for providing a variety of fresh and delicious options that cater to all tastes.

What types of sausage are considered a must-try in Ottawa?

Must-try types include the local specialties such as Cheddar Jalapeno and Honey Garlic. Ottawa Valley Meats offers these popular flavors, handcrafted by a Mennonite community.

What are the most sought-after sausage flavors among Ottawa residents?

Among Ottawa residents, flavors like Mild Italian and Cheddar Jalapeno rank as the most sought-after. Their popularity is due to the balance of spice and the quality of ingredients.

Are there any specialty stores for artisan sausages in Ottawa?

Yes, stores like Seed to Sausage are celebrated for their artisan sausages. They offer a spectrum of innovative and classic flavors made with locally sourced ingredients.

Is there a place in Ottawa known for its selection of beef sausages?

For beef sausage aficionados, Around the Block Butcher Shop is renowned for its extensive selection of quality cuts and beef sausage varieties. It satisfies those with a specific preference for beef-based products.

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